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11th-12th January, 2020


The Hong Kong Society of Uro-oncology (HKSUO) was founded in July 2015 by leading Hong Kong clinical oncologists with a special interest in urological cancers.

Urological cancers include those originating in the kidney, bladder and prostrate. According to government statistics, in 2015 prostate cancer was the third most common cancer and fifth most common cause of cancer death among Hong Kong men; and kidney cancer was the ninth most common among Hong Kong men. Whilst in 2015 there were 415 newly diagnosed cases of bladder cancer.

The HKSUO serves both clinical and practicing oncologists and other professionals with a focus on urological cancers, including surgeons, pathologists and diagnostic radiologists, by providing a platform for specialist disciplines to work together. The society also allows for the promotion of a multi-disciplinary approach in managing and treating urological cancers, that is both more up-to-date and potentially more effective than existing, and less co-ordinated, approaches.

The three aims of the HKSUO are:

Firstly, to provide patients with urological cancers a practical option for a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, as well as support through society events and activities.

Secondly, to raise public awareness of urological cancers and to increase public understanding and engagement, through running public education campaigns and programmes, including talks, community sharing sessions and exhibitions.

Thirdly, to promote greater academic and clinical research on urological cancers, both through partnerships with local universities and research institutes, as well as through conducting in-house clinical research within public hospitals.

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