Abstract Submission
Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts must contain original scientific data collected by the author(s). All reports must be based on work that has already been completed. Any established research design or method may be used. All abstracts must be submitted via the abstract form. Should you have any queries, please contact the conference coordinator at info@hksuo.org.


Four categories are provided for the abstract submission:

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Urothelial Carcinoma of the Urinary Tract
  • Other Genitourinary Cancers

Note: Authors must select the appropriate abstract submission category, however, the Uro-Oncology Asia Scientific Committee reserves the rights to re-categorise abstracts without further recourse to the authors.

Preferred Choices of Presentation:

Two choices of preferred presentation are provided:

  • Proffered Paper
  • Poster

Note: Authors must select their preferred choice of presentation. However, the decision of the Uro-Oncology Asia Scientific Committee will be final.

Format of Abstract
  1. 1.  

    Abstracts should be structured in such a way as to include the following four sections:

    • Background: An introductory sentence indicating the rationale of the study

    • Methods: A brief description of pertinent methodological procedures

    • Results: A summary of the results of the research

    • Conclusions: A statement of the main conclusions

  2. 2.  

    The character limit for all submitted abstracts is set at 2,000, excluding spaces. This limit includes characters entered in the title, abstract body and table fields (default of 225 characters per table) but not the author names and institutions.

  3. 3.  

    Illustrations and graphs are not permitted. One brief and clear table is accepted.

  4. 4.  

    Terms must be spelt out in full at its first mention and followed with the abbreviation in parentheses.

  5. 5.  

    Particular care should be taken to identify complex chemotherapeutic regimens.

  1. 1.  

    The use of good English and proof-reading is essential.                       

  2. 2.  

    Once the abstract is submitted, online changes, corrections or rewording will not be possible.

Note: The Uro-Oncology Asia 2022 Scientific Committee reserves the rights to reject abstracts which are presented in poor English or to request an immediate revision by the first author.

Abstract Title:
  1. 1.  

    The title of the abstract should include significant words that reflect the content of the abstract but not refer to the study results or conclusions.

  2. 2.  

    Commercial names may not be used in the title of the abstract. Compounds should be mentioned with the generic name in lower case. Commercial names are admitted in the text, with the ® symbol, and if in brackets following the generic name, i.e. ‘generic (Commercial®)’.

  3. 3.  

    Names of cooperative study groups should appear in the title, as they will not be reported in the author index.

  4. 4.  

    Abbreviations may be used in the title and text of abstracts if they are defined.

  1. 1.  

    The maximum number of authors allowed per abstract is limited to 20.

  2. 2.  

    The names of all listed authors will be published in the order provided during submission.

Important Dates:
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    Abstract Submissions Open: 15th November, 2021

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    Abstract Submission Deadline: 15th December, 2021

Allowed file formats: .pdf / .doc / .docx
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